Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shirley Nanette CD Project at Jimmy Maks

Shirley Nanette and the Mel Brown Quartet.
Written by Shawn Kirkeby

The moon eclipse had just arrived out in front of Jimmy Maks to escort this event through the evening.

This is an event you'll want to continue to be part of. Shirley is making an album with KMHD and if you were there you are part of this show and CD. With a band like these gentlemen and a setting like Jimmy Mak's, it is sure to be a landmark event.

The CD that results should be fantastic. Visit Shirley Nanette's website for much more about this live show that was also a very rich recording session.

The above photo was taken at Jimmy Maks on Febrary 20, 2008.

Mel Brown Drums
Tony Pacini Piano
Brian Ward Piano
Ed Bennett Bass
Dan Balmer Guitar

Look to my blog and Shirley's web site and Jimmy Maks and KMHD for more about when this CD will be out.

I was in attendance and there was world class jazz being recorded. Shirley had a vision and was executing inlcuding not being shy about stopping the performance to start again to get the piece done right. The time was then with these musicians and the recorder running to make it perfect. I'm loooking very forward to the release of this project.

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