Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Summer to You ~ Send a kiss
Well my good folks it has finally arrived !  SUMMER !  I know we are all glad it is here !
It took it's own sweet time getting here, I thought it would never come... Smile  I do hope that you have been behaving yourselves and doing well.  I have been a little busy doing gigs here and there and still working on my house... it's 105 yrs. old.  But you know how it is with houses.  I have been doing Sundays @ Billy Webbs Elks Club from 6pm - 9pm it's been fun... it's located @ 6 N. Tillamook St. on the corner of Williams Ave. & Tillamook St. come on by... you don't have to be an member to come there, there is no cover and the place is really fun.  They even have free appetizers, you just have to buy your own drinks.
Anyhow I best get on w/ the gigs I have for this month... so here goes:
July 6, 13, 2011
The Heathman Hotel
on S.W. Broadway St.
7pm - 10pm
w/ Vince Frates - on Piano 
 July 10,17,24,31, 2011
Billy Webbs Elks Club
6 N. Tillamook St.
6pm - 9pm
w/ Vince Frates - on Piano / Brian Ward ( July 31, 2011 )
Suprise Bassist
Tim Rapp - on Drums
The Heathman Hotel
on S.W. Broadway St.
w/ Vince Frates - on Piano
Bill Athens - on Bass
July 30, 2011
Old Fashion Days Fireworks Celebration
Edwards Elementary School 
7th & Blaine / football field
w/ Jack Quinby Big Band
7:30pm - 11pm
The rest of the gigs this month are Private.  But as always as more gigs come in I will be sure to update you. Thanks again for your support.
God Bless you & yours.  Hope you have or had a Great 4th of July.

warmest regards
Shirley Nanette 

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