Sunday, September 11, 2011

September / October

Hello my Dear Fans ~ Sun
Well I guess we've got what we asked for ...  SUMMER !  A little late but I'm sure we'll all take it ...  I hope you are all enjoying this Beautiful and Hot weather that we are having, for you know for sure it won't be very long before it's gone.  I'm hoping you are all well and are taking great care of yourselves.  I've been  a little busy and thats  fine w/ me... and it's been wonderful to see some of you here and there.  You that Christmas is right around the corner ... so... you probably need to start shopping early so you can buy me the best present first. Angel  Anyhow  on w/ the show... I'm going to give you Sept. & Oct. dates and if there are more added on I will let you know.
September 4,11,18,25, 2011  /  October 2,9,16,23,30, 2011
Billy Webbs Elks Club
6 N. Tillamook St.
w/ Vince Frates , Dan Gaynor , and Clay Giberson - On Piano
Phil Baker, Scott Steed, Bill Athens, Ed Bennett - On Bass
Tim Rapp - On Drums
and Guest Artist sitting in
October 7, 19, 2011
Heathman Hotel
S.W. Broadway & Salmon St.
w/ Vince Frates - On Piano
The Allison Inn
Newberg, Oregon
w/ Sydney Lehman - On Piano
Ken Anoe - On Bass
Heathman Hotel
S.W. Broadway & Salmon St.
w/ Guest Pianist
I have a few more dates pending and will let you know asap.   Also I want to remind you that you don't have to be an Elk to come to The Elks Club...  it's a lot of fun I Guar-ran - Tee you will.  Drop on by, I promise you... you will come back.  It's where friend meet & greet each other.

Thanks for your support.  God Bless.
warmest regards
Shirley Nanette 

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